I recently listened to a podcast called Think Vitamin Radio, and the Episode was #29, from 7-14-11, about Google Plus.

This bi-weekly podcast has a trio of hosts that discuss web design, development and applications. The discussion about Google Plus was as much speculation as it was factual, as Google Plus had just been released.

Google Vs. FaceBook

To put it simply, Google Plus is Google’s answer to the “Like” button on Facebook. As Facebook has grown in strength and numbers, Google has been looking for a way to compete in the social media venue. Google is going to integrate the Plus button into its Gmail, Calendar, Chrome, and Apps venues in order to give it as much traction as possible. The hosts compared this situation to “The Cold War”, meaning that Google is feeling like it needs to go to war with Facebook or face the danger of becoming irrelevant.

Google Plus Button

The Google Plus homepage is formatted very much like Facebook’s, so you can add various media to your page, as well as start “circles” of your own or even make your posts public.There are 2 parts of life the Plus button will come into play: personal and professional. There was little discussion on the personal side, but one interesting use is the “hangouts” function in Plus. This allows you to choose a circle of other Plus people to join and actually have a group video chat.

The professional ramifications may (or may not) wind up being much more drastic. It is rumored, though not yet confirmed by Google, that the Plus button is going to be integrated into their Page Rank algorithm. This means that having more Plus hits may eventually become more important than actual SEO work itself, as Google will give more credence to actual users than to a site that happens to be optimized properly. Can you imagine what this could potentially do to all companies providing SEO?

So is Google Plus going to be the Facebook Killer? It remains to be seen, as the full integration of this button hasn’t taken place yet. For a tour of the whole Plus Project, visit https://plus.google.com/up/start/?et=sw&type=st

So what does this have to do with Ludwig Drums, you ask? Simple. I will be adding a Plus Button to this blog in the immediate future, so the more of you that give me a Plus, the better the chances this blog gets seen by more people. So share the love of Ludwig Drums and Plus Me!